Native Tree and Shrub Sale Helps Homeowners Enhance Yards

Posted on: August 14, 2019

Add beauty to your yard and home, while helping the environment, by purchasing trees and shrubs through the Glen Ellyn Native Tree and Shrub Sale! Over 25 tree species and shrub species are available, ranging from $30-$35 each. A full list of the plants offered, as well as order forms, can be found at Orders must be received by September 20th.

The Glen Ellyn Park District, The Conservation Foundation, and the Glen Ellyn Environmental Commission are proud to once again present the sale this fall. With its 4,416 acres of land, Glen Ellyn is home to a variety of native tree and shrub species, including the White Oak, Tulip Tree, Sycamore Tree, American Elderberry, Meadowsweet, and Red Chokeberry. The upcoming sale offers a chance to enhance your yard and home with beautiful plants that flourish in this area.

There are many benefits associated with planting native tree and shrub species in your yard, including advantages for local wildlife. Birds and animals are positively impacted due to the plants’ ecological roots, as well as their ability to grow strong in the environment, providing shelter and nesting opportunities. Native trees and shrubs also help control and prevent invasive plants from taking over your landscaping. These wonderful trees and shrubs will be a beautiful addition to your yard and to the community and will help save Glen Ellyn’s native ecological heritage for future generations.

Tree and shrub orders must be placed by September 20th. Plants will be available for pick-up at Sunset Park (483 Fairview Avenue, Glen Ellyn) on Saturday, September 28th from 9 – 11 a.m. Plants come in five-gallon containers and should be able to fit in most standard vehicles.

For more information about this sale, contact Renae Frigo at or (630) 858-6037, x 6006 or Jan Roehll at