Capital Projects & Improvements

The Glen Ellyn District continues to work to improve your parks and facilities. If you’d like to know more about any of these projects, please email Nathan Troia at

Playground Replacement Plan

The District’s Playground Replacement Plan ensures that Glen Ellyn averages one new playground each year. Each of the District’s 21 playgrounds has an average useful life of 20 years. The plan includes playgrounds in the proposed priority order. However, the order is subject to change based on available grant opportunities, budgets, and other factors.

Projects Currently in Planning or Construction

Expand each section to learn more about projects currently in planning or construction. Or, you can view information on completed projects here.

  • Shoreline Improvements at Lake Ellyn Park (2021-2022)

    In fall 2021, the Glen Ellyn Park District embarked on the next phase of Lake Ellyn Park improvements. A new shoreline path extending from the Lake Ellyn Boathouse to the fishing pier will be constructed thanks to an anonymous donation. The 12-foot-wide path will feature permeable pavers as well as sections of masonry seat wall.

    “Not only will the path improve community access to the shoreline for activities like walking and fishing but will also create an additional public space for events, like firework viewing on the Fourth of July,” said Nathan Troia, Superintendent of Planning and Natural Resources.

    The shoreline pathway is part of budget-dependent multi-phase improvement project to improve and maintain Lake Ellyn Park, which began with the 2013 Lake Ellyn Master Plan. Other Master Plan improvements throughout the years have included restoration of the historic Lake Ellyn Boathouse, replacement of the playground, converting pathway lights to energy efficient LEDs, realigning paths to expand green space, and adding the fishing pier, vegetative restorers, and interpretive signage.

    Also included within the project scope is the addition of a concrete ramp to the existing boat ramp north of the Boathouse, bioswale buffer planting, and path lighting. The project is expected to be completed in May 2022, weather permitting.

    UPDATE: All building materials are available for the project, and many have been delivered to the site. A deep frost level over winter, along with early spring rain has slowed progress. As the site dries out, the contracting team is anxious to get back to work and finish this project.

    For more information, please contact Nathan Troia at

  • Frank Johnson Center Study (2021-2022)

    The Frank Johnson Center is the Operations building headquarters for all maintenance of the District Parks and Facilities. Originally an ice production building, this facility has been renovated in piecemeal over the years.

    As the facility is beyond its useful life and in need of significant attention, the District reviewed several options including relocation. At the conclusion it was determined to have the operation remain at is current site and develop renovation plans that could be possible implemented within the next ten years. As part of long-range capital planning process, a facility evaluation occurred in 2021 to identifying needs, deficiencies, and possible solutions for the facility and site. These will be incorporated into a master plan that will be phased over the next 5 years and be incorporated into our financial plans.

    A facility evaluation was conducted by a professional architect during summer 2021, including multiple input sessions with staff. Two concepts for reconstruction and remodeling were produced along with the projected cost for future construction. These were presented to the Board and are being incorporated into our financial plans.

    A topographical survey of the existing property is being conducted and staff has had preliminary meetings with the Village of Glen Ellyn Planning and Development to discuss how to proceed with the project.

  • Lake Foxcroft Asphalt Improvements and Master Planning (2022)

    Improvements to the asphalt trailways and parking, as part of routine asphalt maintenance, are to be completed in 2022, in coordination with Milton Township.

    In addition to planning for a scheduled playground replacement in the next two years, staff is working on a master plan for improvements at Lake Foxcroft. Once further developed, stakeholders will be engaged for input.

    For more information, please contact Nathan Troia at

  • Newton Park Playground Redevelopment (2021-2022)

    During the October 5th Park Board meeting, board members approved bids for the redevelopment of the Newton Park playground. The plan includes replacing the existing playground with equipment with an inclusive emphasis, providing shaded seating, and new surfacing.

    A highlight of the renovated playground area will be a small sensory garden filled with plants that can be touched and felt as well as smelled.

    “This will be our first inclusive-focused playground, allowing children of all abilities to play side-by-side in parallel,” said Nathan Troia, Superintendent of Planning and Natural Resources. “There will be a variety of experiences, from active and passive play to musical instruments, a sensory garden, and a dedicated structure for young children ages 2-5.”

    Project details also include realigning paths near the playground to improve access and connectivity, a new bike rack, a shaded seating area, and benches.

    The redevelopment plan was formed after gathering feedback from the community on proposed park improvements and is funded in part by a $400,000 matching State of Illinois OSLAD grant (Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development) awarded to the Glen Ellyn Park District in 2021.

    Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-October and finish in spring 2022.

    On October 13, the old playground structures were removed by Kids Around the World, a non-profit agency that repurposes playgrounds and rebuilds them in developing countries. Glen Ellyn Park District has worked with them previously to repurpose playground equipment from several parks, including Lake Ellyn, President’s, and Danby Parks.

    Additional improvements to Newton Park will also take place in 2022, when the Newton Park skate park will undergo renovation. Public input on the skate park design will likely be held April 21, 2022.

    For more information, please contact Nathan Troia at

  • Sunset Concession Deck and Shade Canopy (2021-2022)

    Pool participants can look forward to additional seating opportunities in 2022. A shade canopy is planned adjacent to the concession building. Underneath, an area previously turf grass will be converted to a hardscape plaza with tables. Construction will be complete by the end of April 2022.

  • Sunset Pool Heater Replacement (2022)

    The pool heaters at Sunset Pool have been kept running as long as possible but have exceeded their useful life. Over the winter, staff used an aquatic engineer to specify new heaters and bid the project. Additionally, an IDPH permit has been issued.

    Work is anticipated to finish by the first week of May 2022, well before the opening of the pool.

  • Ackerman Sports & Fitness Upgrades (2021-2022)

    Renovations are ongoing as part of the revaluation of the HGA space at Ackerman SFC.

    • Utilizing a grant through ComEd, new LED lights were installed in the former Hard Gainers Athletics space. These lights have the benefit of being significantly brighter while also reducing energy costs. The incentives for this project saved almost $3,000.
    • A new configurable batting cage system was installed in the first weeks of January and used immediately.
    • The next component of this project is the flooring, which is currently being evaluated. On the entrance and the group exercise area floor will be rubber sports flooring. The remainder of the existing low-profile turf will be replaced with a new heavy-duty turf product.
    • The final painting, branding, and signage will be the last detail items to finish this renovation.