Capital Projects & Improvements

The Glen Ellyn District continues to work to improve your parks and facilities. If you’d like to know more about any of these projects, please email Nathan Troia at

Playground Replacement Plan

The District’s Playground Replacement Plan ensures that Glen Ellyn averages one new playground each year. Each of the District’s 21 playgrounds has an average useful life of 20 years. The plan includes playgrounds in the proposed priority order. However, the order is subject to change based on available grant opportunities, budgets, and other factors.

Projects Currently in Planning or Construction

Expand each section to learn more about projects currently in planning or construction. Or, you can view information on completed projects here.

  • Co-Op Park Renovations (2021)

    Improvements included a new and expanded playground, and new site furniture was added along with ADA improvements and a new park sign.  The playground equipment was previously purchased through a grant opportunity in 2021.  Public bids for the construction of the park improvements were approved in March by the Board. Construction was executed in April and May, with the new playground being opened for Memorial Day weekend.  An exciting addition to the neighborhood, to replace and upgrade a playground from 1996.  This project was completed on time and within budget.

  • Frank Johnson Center Study (2021)

    The Frank Johnson Center is the Operations building headquarters for all maintenance of the District Parks and Facilities. Originally an ice production building, this facility has been renovated in piecemeal over the years.

    As the facility is beyond its useful life and in need of significant attention, the District reviewed several options including relocation. At the conclusion it was determined to have the operation remain at is current site and develop renovation plans that could be possible implemented within the next ten years. As part of long-range capital planning process, a facility evaluation will occur in 2021. Identifying needs, deficiencies, and possible solutions for the facility and site. These will be incorporated into a master plan that will be phased over the next 5 years and be incorporated into our financial plans.

  • Lake Foxcroft Parking Lot and Pathway (2021)

    Improvements to the asphalt trailways and parking are planned for 2021, as part of routine asphalt maintenance. Parking spots will neither increase nor decrease along Lambert Road.

  • Newton Park Improvements (2021)

    The Glen Ellyn Park District was recently awarded an Illinois Department of Natural Resources OSLAD funding assistance for the renovation of Newton Park in 2020.

    The award of this grant will specifically be utilized to replace the 25-year-old playground while significantly expanding all accessibility features, add additional features to the skate park, complete a trail connection that will allow for one large loop around the perimeter of the park, improve drainage to reduce stormwater runoff, incorporate native plantings, a sensory garden, regraded outdoor ice-skating area, and interpretive and wayfinding signage. The improvements will serve a diverse demographic, will be multi-generational, fully accessible, and will promote community engagement with outdoor activities.

    Public input on the design will likely be held in an online format, this spring. With construction starting in Fall. For more information, please contact Nathan Troia, Parks Project Manager, at

  • Sunset Concession Deck and Shade Canopy (2021)

    Pool participants can look forward to additional seating opportunities in 2021. A shade canopy is planned adjacent to the concession building. Underneath, an area previously turf grass will be converted to a hardscape plaza with tables.

  • Sunset Play Area Improvements (2021)

    The small playground within the gates of Sunset Pool had a sand surface below the playground. For the past several seasons, this area has been closed due to sand wasps and rendered unusable.

    Over the winter months, sand has been removed and replaced with a soft blue playground surface. This area will now be available as a break from swimming for younger children.

  • Village Green South Lot (2021)

    As part of routine asphalt maintenance, the south parking lot of Village Green Park will be resurfaced and striped in 2021. No change in number of available parking spaces nor layout of lot.

  • Village Green Park Back Area (2021)

    The open grass area beyond baseball fields 3, 4, and 5 has had drainage challenges over the years resulting in reduced usage and maintenance challenges. In collaboration with the Village of Glen Ellyn, drainage from the open space area to Lambert Lake was repaired in Spring 2021, and improved drainage has already been observed. The project was completed on schedule and on budget.

  • Village Green Pickleball Court Expansion (2021)

    As the sport of pickleball continues to increase in participation and interest, the existing tennis court at Village Green was converted to additional pickleball courts. The layout of the new courts was determined in collaboration with representatives of the players.  The west half of the courts was striped to have two properly spaced courts, including new nets and posts. This project was completed and opened to the public July 4th.