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2022 Notices

YearProjectBid / RFPAddendumClosingStatus
2022Downtown Event Area and Park RFP View11/29/22, 4pmClosed
2022George Ball Tennis Court Improvements ViewView9/28/22, 10amResults
2022Sunset Park Playground Improvements ViewView8/31/22, 11amResults
2022Ackerman Park Ball Fields 5 & 6 Improvements ViewView8/31/22, 10amResults
2022Newton Park Concrete Improvements ViewView8/25/22, 10amResults
2022Ackerman Rock Wall Demolition ViewView06/01/22, 10amResults
2022Sunset Pool Heater Replacement ViewPlanholders; Addendum 102/23/22, 10amResults
2022Newton Park Skate Park Asphalt ViewView02/09/22, 10amResults

2021 Notices

YearProjectBid / RFPAddendumDue DateStatus
2021Ackerman SFC Indoor Batting CagesView12/01/21 10amResults
2021Pool Shade CanopyViewView09/28/21 10amResults
2021Newton Park Playground OSLADViewView09/24/21 10amResults
2021Sunset Pool Parking Lot ImprovementsViewView09/15/21 10amResults
2021Lake Ellyn North Shoreline PathwayViewView09/14/21 10amResults
2021Co-Op Park Site ImprovementsViewView02/24/21 10amResults

2020 Notices

YearProjectBid / RFPAddendumDue DateStatus
2020Newton Park Asphalt ImprovementsViewView10/15/20 10amResults
2020Maryknoll Parking Lot ImprovementsView--03/06/20 11amResults
2020Waste Disposal and Recycling ServicesViewView02/07/20 11amResults
2020Attitude and Interest Survey 2020ViewView01/15/20 2pmClosed

2019 Notices

YearProjectBid / RFPAddendumDue DateStatus
2019Walnut Glen Playground RenovationViewView09/27/19 1pmView

2018 Notices

YearProjectBid / RFPAddendumDue DateStatus
2018Architectural Services for the Improvement of Sunset PoolView02/26/19 4pmComplete
2018Waste Disposal and Recycling Services for Fiscal Years Jan 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023View02/6/19 10amComplete
2018Architectural Services for Improvement of Ackerman Sports & Fitness CenterView02/05/19 4pmComplete
2018Ackerman Park Improvements Project, Bid Package #6 - IrrigationView01/04/19 10amResults
2018Ackerman Park Improvements ProjectView12/20/18 1pmResults
2018Ackerman Park Parking Lot/Churchill Park Service Drive ImprovementsView4/30/18 11amComplete
2018Playground Installation - Main Street Rec. CenterViewView03/20/18 10amComplete

2017 Notices

YearProjectBid / RFPAddendumDue DateStatus
2017Spring Avenue Recreation Center/Newton Park ImprovementsView05/01/17 11amComplete
2017Lake Ellyn Park Improvements Phase 2View02/01/17 1pmComplete

2016 & Earlier Notices

YearProjectBid / RFPAddendumDue DateStatus
2015Newton Park Tennis Court ReconstructionView09/24/15 10amComplete
2015Lake Ellyn Park ImprovementsView07/28/15 10amComplete
2015Landscape MaintenanceView03/05/15 1:30pmComplete
2015Engineering Services for Artificial TurfView03/04/15 4pmComplete
2015Newton Park Synthetic Turf Athletic FieldView03/02/15 10amComplete
2014Engineering Services for Artificial TurfView03/04/14 4pmComplete
2014Landscape MaintenanceView02/27/14 10amResults

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