Tree & Bench Dedication

Through our Commemorative Tree and Bench Program you can establish a memorial and beautify your parks at the same time. Purchasing a tree or bench is a perfect way to celebrate graduations, a birth, milestone birthdays, public service, anniversaries or as a lasting memorial to a loved one.

All tree and bench gifts will be publicly recorded by engraving the name of the person or event commemorated on a brass leaf placed on the Commemorative Tree located at the Spring Avenue Recreation Center.

Trees and benches may be purchased anytime throughout the year, however, tree planting will take place in the spring or fall. Park District staff will determine the location for the tree or bench. Please note: requests cannot be accepted for Lake Ellyn Park.

Commemorative Trees

The Commemorative Tree Program is available to remember individuals, organizations and special events such as birthday and anniversaries. A new tree can be planted or an existing one can be dedicated. A tree tag is provided with the purchase of a new tree.

Commemorative Benches

A commemorative bench is a great way to honor a loved one. People may donate a new bench or dedicate an existing bench. A brass plaque is optional with the purchase of a new bench.

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