Rules & Regulations

In efforts to allow for an enjoyable experience for all participants, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Plots will be leased to a single individual, family or organized group for one season (approximately May 1st through October 15th). Any changes or transfer of plots must be approved by the Parks Department.
  • All cars must be parked in one of the designated parking spaces. Do not drive off the asphalt road or park along the road.
  • All gardeners must provide their own tools and accessories. The Park District is not responsible for lost equipment.
  • Should you decide to fence, or stake your plot you should first obtain permission from adjoining renters. If your plot is adjacent to a walking isle please leave a one (1) foot space between your fence and the isle.
  • All Pathways are 24” wide. Do not include the path as your plot!
  • Please be considerate of your neighbor. Do not walk through other gardens, and children should be closely supervised. All refuse or debris must be disposed of properly. Do not pile the debris along the outer edge of the garden plots. Please use the composting bins on site for all bio-degradable plant material.
  • No signage, banners or any other advertising is allowed on Park District property.
  • ALL FENCING, STAKES AND PERSONAL AFFECTS MUST BE REMOVED NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15TH. Depending on weather conditions the plots will be turned over for the following season after this date. Any materials/equipment left behind will be disposed of accordingly.
  • Garden plots are under video surveillance. Anyone caught pilfering fruits or vegetables will lose their garden plot. NO refund will be issued for original plot(s) holder.
  • Any plot not planted/used by May 30th will be leased to the next person on the waiting list at the fees indicated above; NO refund will be issued for original plot(s) holder.
  • If weeds reach 10” tall, the Glen Ellyn Park District has the right to mow the entire plot. In such a case, a phone call warning will be issued.

Good Gardening Tips

  • While the Park District tills the soil at the beginning of each season, gardeners may need to till again prior to planting.
  • Each garden plot will be numbered by the Parks Department per the attached map. We recommend that you leave this number visible through the spring to help others find their plot and to avoid having someone plant your plot.
  • Water is provided at the nearby spigots, as noted on the attached map. This water is not potable (drinkable). NO HOSES ALLOWED!
  • Mulching is a necessary part of your garden because it provides a protective covering for the soil. Mulching controls weeds, and keeps soil moist; it also prevents the soil temperature from rising too high.
  • Arrange crops properly; as an example early maturing crops such as lettuce and radishes can be planted between slower growing crops like tomatoes, peppers or corn.
  • Remember taller plants will shade smaller plants; be sure to place tall plants to one side of the garden plot.
  • The Glen Ellyn Park District carries no medical insurance covering gardeners. Individuals are encouraged to provide such coverage for themselves. In any event, it is expressly understood the garden renter shall indemnify and hold harmless the Glen Ellyn Park District from all claims, action and damages arising out of or resulting from the leasing of a garden plot.