Learn To Swim Lessons

Available Early June-End of July Only

The Glen Ellyn Park District’s Learn to Swim program provides a positive, fun-filled opportunity for children to learn skills that will help reduce the number of water accidents and provide lifelong aquatic enjoyment. Learn to Swim classes are available from early June through the end of July at Sunset Pool.

Cancelled Classes: Lessons will be cancelled if there is thunder or lightning. Make-up classes for the Monday-Thursday classes are held on Fridays. There are no make-up classes for Saturday sessions. No more than two classes will be made up per session. Lessons will still be held in cool temperatures and precipitation as long as no lightning is detected.

Parent/Tot Water Exploration (Ages 9-36 months)

Class is designed to make an infant’s first experience in the water as positive and fun as possible. Instructor will facilitate the lesson while parents are the main instructor for this class. Class will help develop comfort in the water, swimming readiness, floating with assistance, and blowing bubbles. Parents will be taught how to prevent and manage an aquatic emergency, and basic CPR instruction. Child must attend class with an adult.

Pre-Beginner (Ages 3-5)

Swimmers will be taught to respect and enjoy water, not fear it. Class environment includes basic skills: blowing bubbles, getting head wet, arm strokes, bicycle kicks, and swimming with a flotation device. This class follows the same lesson plans as the Journey IA class, but for younger children.

Journey I (Ages 5+)

There are three levels within Journey I. All children will be tested on the first day of lessons and grouped with others of comparable skills. Please keep in mind that it may take more than one session of the Journey to advance a level when registering for multiple sessions.

  • IA Skills: Breath holding, opening eyes under water, fully submerging head, and learn water safety.
  • IB Skills: Introduction to front float, back float, and back glide.
  • IC Skills: Combining movement with the glide strokes, rotary breathing, arm strokes, and changing direction.
Journey II & III (Ages 6+)

Children must have completed Journey I or its equivalent to move into Journey II. Successful completion of Journey II will allow advancement to Journey III.

  • Journey II: There are several adventures in this Journey designed to teach swimmers the front crawl and backstroke. Swimmers will also be introduced to the breast stroke. Students will progress at their own speed in this Journey.
  • Journey III: Journey III will utilize adventures designed to introduce swimmers to the elementary backstroke, butterfly, and sidestroke. Emphasis will be on the coordination of kicking and pulling movements associated with each stroke.