Hockey & Ice Skating

Are you interested in learning how to ice skate or play hockey? Do you want to get your kids in this fun hobby or sport? The Glen Ellyn Park District offers ice skating classes starting for children ages three and above and hockey classes for kids in between the ages of three and thirteen. Both of these classes are held at Center Ice of DuPage in Glen Ellyn and are designed to introduce young people skating and to the basics of hockey.

If you are looking for information on outdoor skating at Lake Ellyn, Lake Foxcroft or Newton Park, please visit our Outdoor Skating & Sledding page.

Ice Skating (Ages 3+)

  • Tots: This class teaches progressive levels 1–4 providing kids ages 3-4 with ice orientation, balance, agility, and fun.
  • Pre-Alpha: This is for students ages 5-13 having had no formal instruction. They’ll learn 2 foot glides, 1 foot glides, forward and backward swizzles, and backward wiggles.
  • Teen/Adult/Basic (T/A/B): This class is for ages 14+ and will be tailored to individual needs.

Hockey (Ages 3-13)

  • Little Hockey: Students ages 3-4 will learn ice coordination, balance, and agility in a fun atmosphere while wearing hockey equipment. Hockey skates and hockey helmet required.
  • Beginner Hockey I: This is for students ages 5-13 who have had no formal instruction. Students will learn basic forward and backward skating while wearing hockey equipment. Hockey skates and hockey helmet required. Hockey stick is optional.

Once your skater has reached Alpha or above they will need to register directly through Center Ice of DuPage. Contact Skating Academy Director Beth Wassell at (630) 790-9696 x104 or with any questions regarding higher levels.