Native Tree & Shrub Sale

Pre-Orders Only

The 2021 Native Tree & Shrub Sale will begin accepting orders on Sunday, August 15. Please check back for more details.

Starting in mid-August through September, native trees and shrubs are available to pre-order at a reasonable price ($30-$35) through the Glen Ellyn Native Tree & Shrub Sale. These plants adds beauty and shade to your yard, and turn it into a haven for wildlife. Fall is a great time to plant so roots can get established before winter’s cold weather. The Native Tree & Shrub Sale is open to residents and nonresidents, as long as you’re willing to pick up in Glen Ellyn! 

Pre-Order Sale Begins: Sunday, August 15
Pre-Order Sale Ends: 5pm Wednesday, September 15
Order Pick-Up: Saturday, September 15 at Sunset Pool from 9am to 11am.
Please check back for information on available plants and how to order.

Presented by Glen Ellyn Park District, The Conservation Foundation, and the Glen Ellyn Environmental Commission.