Registration Information

2019 Fall House Soccer Registration

Resident Registration Opens: Sunday, March 17 at 10:00pm
Non-Resident Registration Opens: 
Monday, April 1 at 8:30am
Regular Registration Deadline: July 21, 2019
Late Registration Deadline: August 4, 2019
All participants that register after the regular registration deadline will be charged a late registration fee and will be placed on the wait list. Placement on the wait list doesn’t guarantee a spot on a team.

Grade Ball
on Field
Regular Registration
(On/Before July 21)
R/NR Fee
Late Registration
(After July 22-Aug. 4)
R/NR Fee
Co-Rec Pre-K 3 4v4 $65/$95 $90/$120 Register
Co-Rec K* 3 4v4 $85/$115 $110/$140 Register
Co-Rec 1 3 4v4 $85/$115 $110/$140 Register
Co-Rec 2 3 5v5 $85/$115 $110/$140 Register
Co-Rec 3-4 4 7v7 $110/$140 $135/$165 Register
Girls 3-4 4 7v7 $110/$140 $135/$165 Register
Co-Rec 5-6 4 9v9 $110/$140 $135/$165 Register
Girls 5-6 4 9v9 $110/$140 $135/$165 Register
Co-Rec 7-8 5 11v11 $110/$140 $135/$165 Register
Co-Rec 9-10 5 11v11 $110/$140 $135/$165 Register

House Soccer Buddy System

With the numerous requests we receive each season, we have adopted a Buddy System to help organize the teams. This system has been used successfully by other Park Districts in the area.

How It Works
  1. There is a field on the registration form where you can enter the name of your requested Buddy. You may only request one (1) Buddy.
  2. If the person you have requested as a Buddy also requests you as a Buddy, we will make sure to place both on the same team. Unless both players request each other there is no guarantee you will be placed on the same team.
  3. As always, siblings playing in the same age group will automatically be placed on the same team unless there is a request to separate them.

No other requests for teammates or specific coaches will be accepted. Teams will still be organized as much as possible by geographic area/school, dependent on the number of coaches available from each area.