Newton Park Athletic Field Light Project

Posted on: November 9, 2016

The Glen Ellyn Park District is considering the installation of directional athletic lights at the upper athletic field within Newton Park. Public meetings were held on Thursday, September 22nd and Wednesday, November 2nd at the Spring Avenue Recreation Center.

At the initial meeting, preliminary information regarding the proposed improvements was presented. This included information on the athletic lights, anticipated usage, potential restrictions, parking, construction timeline and Village requirements. At the second meeting, the District presented additional information based on questions, suggestions and concerns raised at the first presentation and in the weeks following. The meetings were well attended and constructive questions and suggestions were presented. Further discussion occurred at the regularly scheduled Park District Board meeting on Tuesday, November 15th and December 13th.

After extensive consideration, many opportunities for community input and dialogue, and some concessions and accommodations, the Glen Ellyn Park District Board of Commissioners approved the installation of directional athletic lights for the upper field athletic field by a vote of 5 – 2 on December 13, 2016. The project was then included within the annual 2017 Park District Budget.

However, there are five (5) Glen Ellyn Park District Board of Commissioner positions up for election in April, 2017.

Due to the inevitable changeover of some of the Board of Commissioner positions, the current Board has determined that it is in the best interest of the Glen Ellyn Park District to place any further efforts regarding the Newton Park directional athletic lights project on hold until the new Board is seated. Related items on hold include the Park District’s application for variance(s) with the Village of Glen Ellyn, purchasing of any materials, contracting any related labor and the scheduling of the various athletic fields and commitments based on lights at Newton Park in the fall, 2017. The matter of how to proceed will be considered and determined by the new Glen Ellyn Park District Board of Commissioners.

At the May 16th  Park Board meeting, further discussion regarding the previously approved yet on hold athletic lights was discussed. After a failed motion (2-5) to proceed with the Upper Newton Park athletic field lights project as budgeted for 2017, the Park Board of Commissioners voted (5-2) to remove the Upper Newton Park athletic field lights project from the funds allocated within the Capital Projects of the 2017 Annual Budget. For more information, you can view the meeting highlights, minutes and video for May 2nd and May 16th  at the following link: