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Our classes, located in the Gymnastics Center at the Spring Avenue Recreation Center, provide a fun way for children to learn basic gymnastic skills under the supervision of trained professionals. Gymnastics not only improves strength, balance, and flexibility but also helps children build self-confidence and develop new skills. From Adult/Tot to our competitive tumbling team, our coaches and staff strive to provide superior instruction in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Early Childhood Gymnastics

  • Adult/Tot Gymnastics is offered for ages 18-36 months and provides a fun-filled adult/tot playtime program that introduces your child to the exciting world of tumbling and gymnastics. The program incorporates traditional gymnastics equipment, balls, hoops, circles, and parachute play. Active adult/caregiver participation is required.
  • Tiny Tumblers, for age 3, is an introductory gymnastics class that helps develop gross motor skills and body awareness, while teaching self-confidence through fun activities. Each week, a variety of gymnastic and tumbling stations will be set up to introduce your child to basic skills. Children must be able to attend class without an adult/caregiver present.

Youth Gymnastics

  • Preschool Gymnastics, for ages 4-5, features a variety of gymnastics and tumbling stations each week to introduce your child to the basic skills used in this sport. Children must be enrolled in Preschool and able to attend class without a caregiver present. 
  • Kindergarten Gymnastics, for ages 5-6, is designed to refine and develop the gross motor skills taught in previous classes. Each week, higher skill level gymnastics stations will be set up to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination.Children must be enrolled in Kindergarten.
  • Pre-Developmental Gymnastics is a beginner program for 1st graders through age 12, focusing on floor exercise, springboard skills, bars, and beam.
  • Developmental, for ages 8-12, is a continuation of Pre-Developmental Gymnastics that focuses on Olympic events, including beam, floor exercise, vault, and bars. Participants must be able to perform cartwheels, roundoffs, forward/backward rolls, handstands, and a bridge to register.


Tumbling 1 and the advanced Tumbling 2 programs are offered, allowing participants to enhance their skills, including mastering handstands, cartwheels, and more.

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Grasshoppers Tumbling Team

The Glen Ellyn Grasshoppers Tumbling Team, for ages 5-14, is dedicated to tumbling and participates in meets through the Illinois Park District Gymnastics Conference. The season runs from September to February. For more information, please call (630) 317-0134.

Stay & Play Open Gym

Children (4 years of age or younger) can stay active and play in the Spring Avenue Gymnastics Center. This safe and fun environment is the perfect spot for your child to interact with you and other peers. Pre-registration is not required, but arrive early as space is limited to the first 30 participants. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Please pay inside the Gymnastics Center. For any questions, please call (630) 317-0134.

DatesDaysTimeR/NR Drop-in FeeR/NR 10-Visit Punch CardNot Offered On
9/12-12/15Tuesdays & Fridays9-11 am$5/$8$45/$7210/31 and 11/20-11/25
1/9-4/12Tuesdays & Fridays9-11 am$5/$8$45/$722/16, 3/22 and 3/25-3/30