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Preschool Education

Our Preschool Philosophy & Curriculum

At our Preschool, children learn through an academic and play-based curriculum to facilitate learning concepts including writing, science, vocabulary, numbers, shapes, math, and other cognitive abilities. Program activities serve many developmental purposes; participants learn problem-solving skills and how to sort out and organize new ideas. They develop an understanding of social awareness, and investigate and experiment with new possibilities. The academics incorporated into the program will ensure students are prepared to move to the next level and eventually be Kindergarten-ready.

Our program is a mixture of teacher-guided activities and playtime, with small and large group activities based around a weekly theme. Children engage in fine and large motor skill activities, art projects, music, books, dramatic play, cooking, writing and more. Children also have monthly visits from B#Sharp Music for Children and the Park District Environmental Outreach Educator.



Geared toward having a successful first school experience. Emphasis is placed on social skills, fine motor skills, shapes, colors, name recognition, following direction, sharing, and play.


Designed for developing readiness and success in kindergarten. Emphasis is placed on the development of academic skills through structured activities, including math concepts, lower/upper case letters, letter sound recognition, writing/sight words, and developing independence. Classes may also include students age 5 that are not yet ready for kindergarten in the fall.

2024/25 Classes and Fees

Preschool classes are available at Spring Avenue and Main Street Recreation Centers.

Registration: Registration will be for the complete school year. Families registering for the Preschool Program may do so online, or in person at Main Street or Spring Avenue Recreation Center. Adults must submit a copy of their child’s birth certificate when registering in person. If registering online, birth certificates can be submitted to the office or by email to [email protected]. If a copy of your child’s birth certificate is not received by March 31, your spot in the selected class may be forfeited.

Payments: Preschool uses automatic billing/payments. A nonrefundable commitment fee of $125 will be required upon registration. The yearly class fee listed is divided into six equal amounts charged to your credit card each month July-December. You may also pay for the entire year at registration.

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Preschool Newsletters & Handbook


Please contact Katy Speck at [email protected] and Julie Carlson at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.