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Welcome to the Glen Ellyn Park District!

Established on November 3, 1919, as an independent governmental agency.

The Glen Ellyn Park District has served the recreational needs of Glen Ellyn residents for over 100 years. We play a vital role in enhancing people’s lives and creating a more connected community. The District also serves as an important steward of public lands.

Over the years, many facilities and open spaces have been added to the Park District’s holdings to meet the growing needs of our community. We maintain 29 parks for community use, both for unstructured and programmed recreation. The District also operates 21 playground structures and maintains over 300 acres of open space for community enjoyment, recreation, fitness, and leisure. Our facilities include Ackerman SFC, Lake Ellyn Boathouse, Holes & Knolls, and Sunset Pool.

The District takes pride in providing high-quality recreational experiences. Each year, we offer more than 700 programs and special events for you and your family to enjoy. You will find program offerings listed in our seasonal Playbooks. Our programs are affordable and convenient for everyone.

The Park District is tax-supported. Annual taxes support approximately 45% of District operations, and the rest is generated through user fees. An elected Board of Commissioners consisting of 7 members serves as the governing body of the Park District. The community elects Commissioners to serve 4-year unpaid terms.

Glen Ellyn is located in DuPage County, just 23 miles west of Chicago. The population of Glen Ellyn, according to the 2010 census, is 27,450, with a median household income of $90,640.

Our Mission

The Park District’s mission is driven to foster diverse, community-based leisure opportunities, through a harmonious blend of quality recreation programs, facilities and open space which will enhance the quality of life into the future.

Our Story

Unearth a fascinating piece of Glen Ellyn’s history! Did you know a Mastodon skeleton was once found at Sam Perry Nature Preserve? The Park District has been a vital part of our community since 1919. Learn more about our fascinating past by viewing our history project or timeline. Here, you will find milestones, fun facts, and you may be surprised about your parkland’s legacy!

Glen Ellyn Park District Boundaries

 Note: Glen Ellyn Park District boundaries do not match the Village of Glen Ellyn boundaries.

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