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Tennis Lessons

Tennis is a great opportunity to both have fun and get some exercise! This popular sport is all about agility and strength, and our classes teach you how to harness your body and maintain focus. Classes are available for all ages, so you can brush up on your skills while your kids learn how to hold a racquet and hit the ball for the first time. Glen Ellyn Park District does not operate an indoor tennis facility. For information on our outdoor tennis courts, please click here »

Youth Tennis Lessons

Our outdoor group tennis lessons focus on teaching ball skills, fundamentals, and making sure your child loves tennis. We offer three levels (Red Blast, Orange Blast, and Green Blast) that run through the spring, summer, and early fall. Classes are filled with fun games and drills designed to introduce new players to the sport and help develop the skills of more experienced players. Most lessons run Monday-Thursday. Adult/Child classes are also offered on Saturdays in June and July.

Junior Competitive

This program is offered for beginner through immediate players in grades 6-12 who are looking to improve their skills. Players will achieve success as they progress through a series of game-based drills. Focus will be on game strategy, form, footwork, and sportsmanship. 

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Adult Tennis

It’s never too late to learn how to play tennis or to improve your skills! Available for both beginners and advanced players, you’ll have fun and learn how to become a more competitive player. The atmosphere is constructive, with skilled instructors who know exactly how to help you improve your game. 

Adult Start/Restart: Designed for the beginner through intermediate player. The program focuses on developing consistency and control while learning singles and doubles strategies. Includes drills and point play.

Adult Practice/Play: Designed for the beginner through intermediate player. Focuses on fast-paced drills, advanced technical instruction, strategy at the singles and doubles levels, and more. 

Cardio Tennis: Designed for all levels and focuses on moving and hitting tennis balls at a fast-paced level with the pro.

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