Green Initiatives

The Glen Ellyn Park District has made great strides in becoming an eco-friendly leader within the greater Glen Ellyn community. Our mission is to protect and enhance the environment and natural resources of our community through responsible planning, programming, and resource allocation, while inspiring the public through the District’s example.

  • The Glen Ellyn Park District Supports Healthy Air!

    School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education, or SCARCE, was awarded a Community Needs Grant from the DuPage Foundation to improve air quality in DuPage County. With the help of the DuPage County Department of Transportation, SCARCE made 200 “No Idle Zone – Healthy Air = Healthy Kids” signs and donated the signs to facilities serving children. The Glen Ellyn Park District was a recipient of 12 of these important and educational signs to help support our existing efforts at improving air quality.

    Why Promote Anti Idling?
    • Asthma increases as a result of car exhaust (American Lung Association)
    • Idling cars and buses create fumes that can be asthma triggers
    • Fumes are toxic pollutants and probably human carcinogens
    • Idling wastes fuel and money

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  • Holiday Light Recycling

    Think green! Before tossing those broken light strands in the trash and adding to the landfill, consider recycling them instead! Each winter, the Glen Ellyn Park District partners with Elgin Recycling to provide holiday light recycling free of charge. Drop boxes are available from the end of November through January 15 at Spring Avenue Recreation Center, Main Street Recreation Center, and Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center. Accepted light types include:

    • Mini (or Italian) Lights
    • C7 Lights
    • C9 Lights
    • Rope Lights
    • LED Lights
    • Extension Cords

  • Ditch Disposable: Encouraging Use of Refillable Water Bottles

    On average, only 10% of disposable water bottles are recycled. The other 90% winds up in a landfill or littering the environment. The Glen Ellyn Park District encourages all our athletic participants to do their part in reducing the unnecessary amount of waste in landfills by using refillable bottles. Signs are also posted around our facilities and parks encouraging other patrons as well.

  • Volcano Mulching Education

    The Glen Ellyn Park District periodically shares information on volcano mulching with our patrons to help educate the public on the negative effects of this common practice.

    Mulching can be very beneficial to tree health by helping to retain moisture and improve soil conditions. However, incorrect mulching can lead to the death of trees. One of the most common examples of incorrect mulching is “volcano mulching,” in which excessive amounts of mulch materials are applied around the base of trees and piled against the trunk, creating a volcano shape. Mulch should not touch the trunk of your tree and doing so can lead improper root growth, decay, and infestation. Just a few simple practices will help benefit the health of local trees:

    • Spread mulch away from the base of your tree so the base of the trunk/root flare is exposed.
    • The generally recommended mulching depth is 2 to 4 inches.
    • Mulch out away from the tree in a 4- to 5-foot diameter. Ideally, trees should be mulched to the drip line.
    • Check mulch levels every year. Trees often do not need to be mulched annually.
    • Do not allow landscapers to leave mulch against the tree bark.

  • Natural Area Restoration Efforts

    The Glen Ellyn Park District has designated natural areas within our park system and works to restore these areas so they will grow and flourish for the enjoyment of future generations.

  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

    The Lake Ellyn Boathouse achieved Gold-level LEED certification by incorporating several sustainable concepts into the design and restoration of the building, including a new pergola on the southeast terrace with a canopy of twenty solar panels on its roof. The panels provide up to 14% of the buildings electrical demand. Around the site, landscaping consists of many native plants which require less maintenance and irrigation.

  • Prescribed Burns

    Over the millennia, natural fires caused by lightning strikes roared across the land. Fire also was intentionally set by indigenous people and early settlers to clear the land for better visibility, terrestrial movement, hunting, and to improve the habitat of the animals and plants that served as food resources. In current times, we use fire as a management tool to help restore our natural areas.

  • Electric/Tesla Vehicle Charging Stations

    Electric vehicle/Tesla charging stations were installed at Sunset Pool in 2018. These stations are available to Glen Ellyn Park District patrons to utilize for up to two hours. While the spots are preferred parking for electric/Tesla vehicles, all vehicles are welcome. Please note, charging stations at Sunset Pool are available only during the facilities open season (Memorial Day-Labor Day).