Special Needs & Inclusion

Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA)

The Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) is a cooperative extension of the Glen Ellyn Park District, as well as eight other area park districts. We offer more than 1,500 programs, trips, and special events to over 8,000 individuals with special needs each year.

Programs range from drama to dance and include a variety of Special Olympics sports and adapted sports, as well as programs for individuals with physical challenges. In addition to our own programs, we also offer support to anyone with special needs enrolled in a Glen Ellyn Park District program.

The WDSRA Foundation is the association’s fundraising arm and welcomes donations from individuals, companies, and service clubs. These donations help offset the cost of programs. For more information on the foundation, please call (630) 681-0962 or visit .

Inclusion Policy

The Glen Ellyn Park District and WDSRA believe that each participant should be provided with leisure services to allow for his/her highest level of performance. Inclusion services are designed to provide the least restrictive environment while offering the maximum opportunity to participate in regular Park District programs. There is no charge for WDSRA’s support. To register for services, simply indicate that special accommodations are needed on the Park District registration form. Two weeks’ advance notice is requested for inclusion support.

For more specific information about WDSRA programs, consult a copy of WDSRA’s program guide, available at the Park District and local libraries, or call WDSRA at (630) 681-0962 to be included on the mailing list.

Glen Ellyn Park District & The ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) took effect in January 1990, and the Glen Ellyn Park District complies with the legislation’s purpose, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of a disability.

The Glen Ellyn Park District will make reasonable accommodations in recreation programs to enable participation by an individual with a disability that meets essential eligibility requirements for that leisure program and facilities.

The ADA requires that recreation programs offered by the Park District be available in the most integrated setting appropriate for each individual. If you have questions about the Glen Ellyn Park District’s commitment regarding the ADA policy or if you believe you have been unfairly discriminated against by the Park District, please call the Park District at (630) 858-2462.

ADA Coordinator
Stacey Lim
Director of Recreation and Facilities
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (630) 942-7275

Grievance Procedure

Glen Ellyn Park District Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Procedure ยป