Boating & Fishing

Passenger Boating

Non-motorized passenger occupied boating is allowed only on Lake Ellyn. Boating is allowed between sunrise and sunset from May 1 to November 1 by permit only. Permit applications are only to be submitted in person at the Spring Avenue Recreation Center. Permit Fee: $5.

Model Boating

Model boating is allowed on Lake Ellyn and Lake Foxcroft.  “Model Boats” refer to electric or radio-controlled boats or sailboats that have maximum speeds of 15mph or slower.  Model Power Boating is strictly prohibited.  For complete information on Model Boating regulations please refer to the Glen Ellyn Park District Ordinance, Section 4.04 Model Boating.

Fishing Information

Fishing on Park District waters requires any angler who is 16 years of age and older to carry a valid Illinois fishing license. Fishing license information can be found on the Illinois Department of Natural Resource’s website. All fishing is catch and release only and ice fishing is prohibited. Please refer to Glen Ellyn Park District Ordinance, Section 4.05 Fishing, for complete information.