Policies & Ordinances

Park Ordinances

Glen Ellyn Park District Ordinances

Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of the Park District staff to provide each program participant an environment that is safe and secure, therefore, every participant is expected to treat the other participants and Park District staff, volunteers, equipment and facilities with respect.

Behavior Management Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so sure that you will be satisfied with our classes that we guarantee it! If you are not satisfied with a program that you attended, please request a refund before the midpoint of the program or within two weeks of a single meeting activity. We will be happy to invite you to repeat the class at no charge, allow you a credit that can be applied to another program, or refund your class fee. All refund requests must be submitted in writing and returned to the Spring Avenue Recreation Center or Main Street Recreation Center.

The “Satisfaction Guarantee” does not apply to trips, special events with pre-paid admission and tickets, and athletic programs where equipment has already been ordered.

Photo/Video Authorization

Photos and video footage are periodically taken of people participating in a Park District program or activity, attending a class or event, or using District facilities or property. Please be aware that by registering for a program or class, participating in an activity, attending an event, or using District facilities or property, you authorize the District to use these photos and video footage for promotional purposes in District publications, advertising, marketing materials, brochures, event flyers, social media (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites operated by the District), and the District’s website without additional prior notice or permission and without any compensation to you. All photos and videos are property of the District.

Severe Storm Policy

The following severe weather procedures have been developed to aid teams and park users in the event of a storm.

Sunset Pool & Maryknoll Park (Thor Guard)

Sunset Pool and Maryknoll Park contain a Thor Guard system, which is a computerized system that can predict the probability of a lightning strike within 8-12 minutes before it will strike. This system is designed to help you assess conditions. Neither the signal, nor the system is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe. The strobe light signal is located on the roof of the entrance building at Sunset Pool and on a pole near the garbage corral behind the Holes & Knolls miniature golf course.

Lightning Prediction Warning
When there is a potential for a lightning strike within the coverage area, a strobe light will turn on and a warning horn will sound with an uninterrupted 15-second blast. Immediately upon hearing or seeing these signals park users must leave and seek appropriate shelter.

All Clear Signal
When the system senses conditions are safe, the strobe light will turn off and the horn will sound three short blasts.

Other Athletic Fields & Parks

In the event of lightning or thunder, all games and practices along with other park activities must be immediately suspended if:

  • ANY thunder is heard regardless of how far away it is believed to be, and or
  • ANY lightning is seen regardless of how far away it is believed to be

If a game or practice is delayed due to thunder and/or lightning, 30 minutes without another spotting must pass before play resumes. Each time an occurrence of lightning and/or thunder, you must wait 30 minutes additionally from that time.

It is recommended that park patrons and staff seek and remain in lightning-protected buildings in the event of threatening weather. If such shelter is unavailable, patrons are encouraged to get into their cars, avoid areas that are higher than surrounding landscape, and stay away from trees, playgrounds, spectator bleachers and metal objects such as bicycles and umbrellas. Do not seek shelter in the dugouts. Getting off a playing field or playground but remaining on the sidelines is not considered moving to a safe and protected area.


Participants in Glen Ellyn Park District activities are not covered by any health or accident insurance. Please be sure that your personal or family insurance policy is adequate for your needs. To participate in any Glen Ellyn Park District program, you must sign a waiver releasing the Park District of any liability.

Prevailing Wage

An ordinance adopting Prevailing Wage Rates to be paid to laborers, mechanics, and other workers performing construction of Public Works for the Glen Ellyn Park District. Click here to view the ordinance or visit the Illinois Department of Labor website for more information.