Lake Ellyn Park Phase III Update: 03/24/17

Posted on: March 24, 2017

During the construction on Phase III the majority of the park will remain open with the exception of the playground. Construction will begin on April 3, 2017. Lake Ellyn Park Improvements Phase III highlights include: replacement of the playground (built in 1991); park amenities such as energy-efficient L.E.D. pathway lights, park benches, bike rack, picnic tables, trash and recycling receptacles; a fishing pier in the northwest corner of the lake; vegetative restorers (small islands near the inlets which will filter and cleanse incoming storm water); interpretative signage; and realigned paths in the southern portion to expand green space closer to the lake and landscape.

6/29/17 UPDATE: The Lake Ellyn Park playground, along with other park improvements, should be substantially completed as of Saturday, July 8 (weather dependent). On that date, it is expected that the playground should be open for play. The Park District was optimistic that the site would be available beginning July 1, but due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to safely open on Saturday for the holiday weekend.

7/06/17 UPDATE: The Lake Ellyn Park playground is anticipated to open at 9am on Saturday, July 8. The temporary chain-link fence will remain in place until approximately July 14, however, entrances into the playground will be available. The District kindly requests that patrons of the park stay out of the landscape beds and place all refuse in appropriate containers. The new playground is geared for infants to age 12 and special needs.

7/08/17 UPDATE: The Lake Ellyn Park playground is now open!


April 3, 2017Construction fencing and tree protection will be erected.
April 3, 2017 - July 2017Playground installation. The old playground, which was built in 1991, will be removed by
Kids Around the World and donated to a less fortunate community.
April 2017 - June 2017Natural area improvements including the installation of plant plugs to increase plant
diversity and the naturalization process. Wood chip paths will be established within the natural area.
June 2017Fishing pier installed in the northwest corner of Lake Ellyn.
July 2017Installation of floating vegetative restorers (small islands near the inlets which will filter
and cleanse incoming storm water) completed.
July 2017Park amenities including energy-efficient L.E.D. pathway lights, park benches, picnic tables,
playground tables, bike racks, and trash/recycling receptacles installed.
Summer 2017Wayfinding and interpretive signage installed.

Upgrading Lake Ellyn Park and the Boathouse was identified as a top priority for the Park District in the 2012 Community and Attitude Interest Survey and prioritized by the Park Board of Commissioners. Since the master plan was approved, the Park District has begun to implement elements based on available funds. Through best practices the Park District has generated funding for the park improvements through operating surplus, non-referendum bonds, grants and donations.

As described in the Master Plan, improvements to the park will be done in a way that is compatible with both the historic, traditional setting of the park and with cutting-edge, sustainable practices. Permeable pavement, water and energy conservation, ecological landscape enhancements, and other innovative elements will improve the water quality and habitat of the park in a visible way. These green enhancements will serve as a demonstration to the village and the region, and will allow the park to sustain for the next 100 years and beyond.