“Sledding at Newton” takes top honors in the 2018 Winter Photo Contest

Posted on: March 12, 2018

Three’s a party, you could say. Just add snow, slopes, smiles, and one small sled to contain it all. The pinkish-grey sky in this shot says that an afternoon of sledding will soon be coming to an end. The sledders’ rosy cheeks say it was all the worth it to get out and take on the famed sled hill at Newton Park. Capturing one of Glen Ellyn’s favorite winter pastimes, our 1st place Winter Photo Contest winner is Shannon Ward with her photo, “Sledding at Newton.”

Our 2nd place winner highlights a skater as sunlight is reflected off a frozen Lake Ellyn. This picture also shows the beauty of a day coming to a close. The remaining sunlight catches the lines and ridges that previous skaters carved into the ice on this chilly day. We thank our 2nd place winner, Daniela D’Argento, for her photo titled, “Skating into the Sunset.”

Featuring a toboggan out for a few more runs down the Newton Park sled hill, our 3rd place winner’s photo has a vintage-feel. This shot proves that sledding will forever remain a winter favorite in our town, as other sledders stand waiting for their chance to catch a breeze on the way down. Our third-place winner is Rob Benes, with his photo titled, “Silver Streak Toboggan Sledding.”

Here’s a close-up. Our first-place winning shot submitted for the youth division in this season’s Winter Photo Contest revels in the vastness of the frozen-over lake. The sun may be setting, but that doesn’t prevent these skaters from zipping around a few more times, cautious to keep their balance and proper form. Our winning photographer for this category is Jennifer Doran, with her photo titled, “Skaters.”

The Summer Photo Contest will begin July 1, 2018. Contest entries must be taken at Glen Ellyn Park District parks, facilities, programs or events. Photos must be high-resolution digital photos with no less than 300 dpi, in JPEG or PNG format. Each submission must be accompanied by the photographer’s name, age and email, a title for the photo and a location. The deadline for contest submissions is September 1, 2018. Winners will be announced by September 15, 2018. Email photos to Courtney O’Kray at For more details, please visit


1st Place: Sledding at Newton
by Shannon Ward

2nd Place: Skating into the Sunset
by Daniela D'Argento

3rd Place: Silver Streak Toboggan Sledding
by Rob Benes

1st Place (Youth): Skaters
by Jennifer Doran