Parents and Tots Play Soccer at the Glen Ellyn Park District

Posted on: September 25, 2018

Soccer is one of the most popular sports across the globe. It provides a terrific way for adults and kids of all ages to enjoy the benefits of exercise, competition, and downright fun all year long. For many years, the Glen Ellyn Park District has offered a variety of soccer programs to meet the needs of the community; this Fall, a brand-new class will reach those who want exposure to soccer at an even younger age.

The Parent/Tot Lakers Soccer program is for kids ages 2-3, and the class includes participation by a parent (or guardian). “This new class is instruction-based, since the kids are just two and three years old,” said Brad Thomas, Recreation Supervisor for the Glen Ellyn Park District. “The program teaches the basics of the game of soccer, as well as offering socialization opportunities with other kids. Parents also benefit from having an organized activity with their child, where the parent can learn more about soccer as well.” The class is taught by Future Pros, an organization that works to develop kids’ soccer skills to help prepare them for athletic success, including future sports scholarship opportunities.

Parents and their children will work on simple motor skills, including dribbling, passing, and shooting. The eight-week class sessions begin October 19th and meet on Fridays from 9am-9:45am or 9:45am-10:30am. Classes wrap up on December 14th. According to Thomas, the goal of the class is to have the kids successfully transition to the Little Lakers program at age four.

For kids ages 4-6, the Park District offers the Little Lakers Soccer program. From October 19th through December 14th, classes meet on Fridays from 10:45am-11:30 am or 11:45am12:30pm. “The older kids also work on basic skills including dribbling, passing, and shooting,” said Thomas. “The trainer will then organize different games and activities that incorporate what the kids have learned.”

Players will learn valuable skills that will help prepare them for future ongoing participation in soccer. “This is a great class for kids to start in who want to play soccer,” added Thomas. “We have quite a few players in our Lakers program who started out in Little Lakers, and now they’re successful travel players.”

All classes are held indoors on the turf at Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center in Glen Ellyn. Both programs will provide each participant with their own soccer ball.

For more information about the Parent/Tot Lakers and the Little Lakers Soccer programs, please visit, or contact Brad Thomas at