Lake Ellyn Ice Update: January 25

Posted on: January 25, 2019

Due the inconsistent weather conditions experienced this winter, the current conditions of the ice on Lake Ellyn is unstable and in poor condition. However, based on weather forecasts, it is anticipated the ice will finally reach the required thickness of 8” by next week.

This thickness will safely support the necessary equipment required to groom the ice and remove snow.  Once the snow is cleared, staff will then begin layering sections (within reach of the fire hose) with water to help condition the ice so it is more suitable for skating.

As a reminder, Lake Ellyn is a 10 acre body of water subject to the environment and other conditions not controlled by the Park District. Please refrain from throwing debris onto the ice surface and absolutely no ice fishing. Both actions further complicate  the District’s ability to provide safe and quality ice skating.

For updates regarding skating opportunities, go to our Rainout Line at Presently, the Newton Park east rink (hockey) is open and the Newton Park west rink should open possibly on Sunday. Lake Ellyn depending on many factors, could be skateable within the next two weeks.