Dan Minkus Named Glen Ellyn Park District Volunteer of the Year

Posted on: February 27, 2019

Dan Minkus was named the Glen Ellyn Park District Volunteer of the Year for 2018 at the annual Glen Ellyn Community Awards Breakfast on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. The recognition event, hosted by the Glen Ellyn Chamber of Commerce, honors individuals and organizations that have been active within the community while contributing towards the betterment of Glen Ellyn.

For over 20 years, Dan has been an integral part of the Glen Ellyn soccer community. Dan began as volunteer parent coach in the House League Soccer program, then became a volunteer coordinator on the House League Soccer committee, a volunteer for numerous soccer clinics and instructional programs, and became certified as a soccer referee. Dan continues his roles as a volunteer for the Glen Ellyn Lakers travel soccer program and the Glen Ellyn Lakers Fall Classic soccer tournament.

“Dan has committed countless hours and time to ensure that community members in need have the opportunity to participate in the soccer programs offered by the Park District, including the Lakers travel teams along with the Recreational league,” said Dave Harris, Executive Director for the Glen Ellyn Park District. “His sphere of influence has touched the lives of hundreds of athletes over the years. The hours are countless and the financial contribution significant, but the outcome is priceless.”

Most recently, Dan has become an active volunteer with the Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center. Noticing that many of the young participants displayed an aptitude and passion for soccer but were challenged in how to become involved with an organized program due to finances, logistics and cultural obstacles, Dan initiated efforts to overcome those challenges. He brought the idea of these players participating with the Glen Ellyn Lakers before the Park District and has been instrumental in supporting those players to register, submit paperwork, order uniforms, and arrange transportation to and from practices and games. Dan has also personally contributed financially on behalf of these these players.

The Glen Ellyn Park District has nearly 1,000 volunteers throughout any given year and is dependent on the assistance of volunteers for nearly every aspect of its operations. Volunteers coach soccer, supervise swim meets, organize fundraising events, work concessions, perform restoration work at our parks, assist at special events, maintain baseball fields, serve on athletic and various citizens advisory committees, work tournaments, provide parking control, pick up litter, and serve as field marshals. The Glen Ellyn Park District is truly fortunate to have community members like Dan Minkus who freely give their time, effort, energy and dedication to these programs.