Ron Aubrey Named Park District Volunteer of the Year

Posted on: February 14, 2020

Ron Aubrey was named the Glen Ellyn Park District Volunteer of the Year at the annual Glen Ellyn Community Awards on February 11, 2020. The recognition event, hosted by the Glen Ellyn Chamber of Commerce, honors individuals and organizations that have been active within the community while contributing towards the betterment of Glen Ellyn.

Pictured Left to Right: Ron Aubrey and Park Board Treasurer Julia Nephew

For over 25 years, Ron has been an integral part of the Glen Ellyn Park District and the Glen Ellyn community. He began his volunteer involvement serving on the Park District Board of Commissioners for 9 years. Under his tenure, Maryknoll Park was developed, Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center was built, a history website for the District was created, and the District’s Foundation was established to raise funds for families in need of financial assistance.

Churchill Park was and still is very special to Ron, who over the years has assisted the Park District with land acquisition, restoration efforts, and overall improvements to the Park.

In addition to his Park District efforts, Ron spent years advocating, organizing, fundraising and eventually restoring Spalding Point and the Glen Ellyn Veterans Memorial. After raising nearly $100,000, the area’s landscape was restored and improved, and plaques were placed in front of the four trees planted in 1968 to honor the memory of four former Glenbard West High School students killed in the Vietnam War. Additionally, the new Heroes of Freedom Memorial was created to honor all those Glen Ellyn residents who have served in every war since the area was settled. On any given day, Ron can be seen caring for the area when you drive past the park on Crescent Avenue.

The Glen Ellyn Park District is truly fortunate to have a community member such as Ron who freely gives his time, efforts, energy and dedication to the Park District and the Glen Ellyn community. Ron’s sphere of influence has touched the lives of hundreds of families over the years.