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Rain Barrel & Composter Sale

Posted on: April 1, 2021

Pre-order rain barrels and composters for your home! Orders must be placed online here by May 16, 2021, or using the mail-in order form by May 14. Orders will be available for pick up at Sunset Park between 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday, May 21.

Rain barrel and composters provide homeowners methods to care for their lawns and gardens that are cost-effective and and beneficial for the environment.

Rain Barrels collect water that drains through your gutters. Around 40% of total household water used during the summer months is for watering lawns and gardens. Rainwater does not contain chlorine, lime, or calcium which makes it ideal for water your flowers or vegetable gardens, or washing your car. You may notice a decrease in your water bill, too.

Composters make it easy to compost at home. Transform your organic matter such as food scraps and yard waste into rich, beautiful compost for use in your lawn or garden and divert these items from landfills.

For more information, contact Renae Frigo at The Rain Barrel and Composter Sale is offered in partnership with The Conservation Foundation.