Vandalism in Your Parks

Posted on: September 1, 2022

Vandalism and destruction of property have become commonplace in our parks and facilities. In addition to the graffiti the District experiences weekly, substantial vandalism recently occurred at Newton Park including arson of the newly renovated playground and repeated destruction of the sensory garden. In the past two years, costs to repair vandalism has increased significantly with the District incurring nearly $40,000 in damages, wasting valuable taxpayer dollars on repairs, labor, and other expenses.

Statistically the vandalism has been a result of pre-teens or teens and almost all instances occur after dark. As a reminder, most parks are closed from dusk until dawn. While the District welcomes constructive and healthy use of the parks and facilities, it is encouraged that children and all users are apprised about the value of our park amenities and the consequences of damaging them.

The Park District has a zero-tolerance policy for vandalism and works closely with the Glen Ellyn Police Department to investigate every incident and pursue all of our available options. To assist in the management of these valuable amenities and resources, the District is in the process of installing additional security cameras. Residents are also encouraged to be vigilant and call 911 if they witness park abuse, suspicious activity, or an emergency. If you observe vandalism after it has happened, please contact the Park District at (630) 858-6037 so it can be documented and reported to the police. Timely notification is critical to enable the damage to be repaired and/or secured promptly.

The Park District is very appreciative of our patrons and wants to ensure that the parks and facilities are well maintained, safe, and secure. Any assistance is well appreciated.