Registration Update: February 6, 2023

Posted on: February 6, 2023

The District would like to again express our sincere apologies to those that experienced issues registering for programs over the weekend. We also recognize that some of our more popular programs require further modification or adjustment moving forward to allow for increased participation and availability, and to meet the needs of our community.

Currently, 80% of our spring programs and summer camps still have space available, and staff will be strategizing ways to address waiting lists on the remaining 20% this week. Supervisors responsible for those programs will reach out directly to patrons with more information. While capacity was increased for many programs in anticipation of demand this year, there were areas in which that demand still exceeded our expectations.

Participation in Glen Ellyn Park District programs is at an all-time high. Overall, registration for 2023 spring programs and summer camps (excluding Glenbard West, Glenbard South, and aquatics programming) is up by almost 12% compared to last year, while some programs experienced increases of up to 56%.

While subject to challenges, including space and instructor availability, the District will continue to seek innovative ways to expand. This includes partnering with other Districts on cooperative programming, seeking non-District spaces in which to host programs, and adding additional sessions, to name a few. The recently passed referendum, which includes a 6,000-square-foot gymnastics center addition at Ackerman SFC, will also enable the District to address the demand for those classes and to repurpose the existing space to meet other needs. The new gymnastics center is anticipated to open by fall 2024.

Additionally, the District has heard requests from several parents to release camp information later. While the intention was to offer caregivers more advanced notice of camp information, the District will certainly reevaluate the timing of release of the Spring Playbook and Camp Guide. Like last year, the inclusion of Glenbard West camps, Glenbard South camps, and aquatics programming was planned for the Spring Playbook and Summer Camp Guide. Unfortunately, there were challenges in the planning process, such as upcoming construction projects, which prevented this from happening.

Lastly, the District will be further investigating what caused the disruption to simultaneously with the start of registration and implementing solutions to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.