Village and Park District formalize purchase and lease agreement for recreational use properties

Posted on: May 10, 2023

The Village of Glen Ellyn and the Glen Ellyn Park District have entered into a formal agreement for the purchase of the former US Bank property located in Downtown Glen Ellyn, and the lease of both Manor Woods and Panfish Park. This agreement will provide for the development and maintenance of these areas for community use, benefitting the entire Glen Ellyn community for years to come.

US Bank Property – The Village will sell the recently purchased property to the Park District to allow for the development of a Downtown open-land park and event space, with the integration of the existing Prairie Path Park. The preliminary plan would provide approximately 9,000 square feet of green space, a potential permanent stage, seating areas, amenities, and improvements to Forest Avenue that allow for closures related to special events. The Park District and Village will fund $2.8 million in phased redevelopment costs that include demolition, construction of park amenities, landscaping, open space, picnic areas, and lighting. A design team has been selected and a public engagement process will begin later this summer.

Manor Woods – The Village will lease its property and right-of-way in Manor Woods, including all parcels north of Illinois Road, to the Park District. The Park District owns adjacent land and will be responsible for maintaining the property during the agreement. This lease would extend for 20 years, with the Village contributing $25,000 annually for ongoing maintenance expenses.

Panfish Park – The Village will lease Panfish Park to the Park District and provide $30,000 annually for maintenance. The Park District will develop a master plan and coordinate future renovations of the existing playground and provide maintenance to the park, while the Village would continue to maintain the ponds as a key stormwater facility. The Village will contribute $300,000 and the Park District will contribute $200,000 for overall improvements.

The agreement will increase the number of cultural events and activities, while also creating new amenities by increasing recreation and park space. These new opportunities will enhance the Downtown and make it a destination for residents and visitors alike.

The Village and Park District have a long history of partnering together on collaborative projects. Both agencies are committed to working to enhance and improve open space and recreational opportunities within Glen Ellyn. The model for this intergovernmental agreement is like that which was established for Village Green Park on Lambert Road, also owned by the Village, and leased to the Park District.