Ackerman Advisory Committee

Committee Members

Formed in 2015, the committee is comprised of Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center users and members whose task is to provide guidance and advice regarding the facility.

  • CJ Powers
  • Gina Walch
  • John Nevins
  • Katie Brown
  • Katie Kline
  • Marion Michel
  • Sim Kurup
  • Brad Thomas (Staff Liaison)
  • Ben Stortz (Board Liaison)
  • Rob Weber (Board Liaison)

Committee Meetings

Date & TimeTimeLocationAgendaMinutes
May 9, 20235:30pmSpring Avenue Recreation CenterView
October 11, 20226pmSpring Avenue Recreation CenterViewView
May 24, 20226pmSpring Avenue Recreation CenterViewView
August 26, 20216pmSpring Avenue Recreation CenterViewView
January 8, 20206:30pmAckerman SFCViewView
February 7, 20196pmAckerman SFCViewView
February 28, 20186:30pmAckerman SFCViewView
June 14, 20176:30pmAckerman SFCViewView
November 10, 20166:30pmAckerman SFCViewView
March 16, 20166:30pmAckerman SFCViewView
September 30, 20156pmAckerman SFCViewView