Clay Tennis Courts

Be transported to a bygone era at the Glen Ellyn Park District’s clay tennis courts. At almost a century old, you’ll find no better place to play tennis. Located near picturesque Lake Ellyn, the courts are accessible to those who purchase a pass key. You can purchase a pass key at the Main Street Recreation Center and will be granted access to a unique tennis experience that every lover of the sport should experience at least once.

Pass key holder receive a roster of other clay court players and are asked to volunteer for minor court maintenance at the beginning and end of the season.

Hours of Operation

The courts are open April 1-November 1 from dawn to dusk.

2020 Season Pass Key Rates

Sold at Main Street Recreation Center, pass keys are good April 1-November 1. Passes go on sale on April 1.
Pass key holders also receive a roster of other clay court players.

Type Fee
Resident $55
Nonresident $80