We are lucky enough to have several incredible outdoor spaces in the Glen Ellyn area. This is why we have developed a variety of activities centered around just getting out and enjoying nature. These programs include free nature walks, moonlit hikes, Preschool Nature Outings, and more, where you can learn about the plants and animals that inhabit our parks. There are programs for families, children, youth, and adults, as well as restoration days, the ability to adopt-a-park, and an annual Earth Day Fair. Click here to view current Nature Program offerings.

But why are we so passionate about getting you out into nature? Not only do natural spaces improve our environment and help to fight pollution, they have a wide variety of benefits that we know you will experience when you visit one of our parks or participate in one of our nature-centered events. Here are just a few of those benefits:

Improve Your Mood

Humans have an inherent connection with nature. There’s a reason that we feel better after spending a little bit of time outside or that you might often find yourself craving some time outdoors. Being outside in a green space can improve your mood. If you are having a bad day, one of our nature walks can be a great way to recapture some happiness. Outdoor light is important for the human body and not just because it triggers the production of Vitamin D. It has a very real effect on our emotions!

Reduce Your Stress

This is something you have probably already experienced. If you are getting stressed out, taking a short walk around a neighborhood park can significantly reduce your stress levels. Studies have found that people will have lower blood pressure after taking a walk in nature and that some people will even be put in a meditative state while walking through green spaces. It fights against the stress hormone in the body, radically decreasing a person’s stress level in a way that simply cannot be replicated by any other method. Taking some time to participate in one of our great nature programs could help lower your stress!

Get a Little Exercise

None of our nature programs are strenuous, but you will get a little bit of exercise in as you walk around one of our beautiful green spaces. If you are looking for a low-impact, fun, and relaxing way to fit in extra steps in your day, there simply is no better way than with our nature programs.