Message from the President: Winter 2018

Posted on: October 24, 2017

Beautiful fall colors are appearing all over Glen Ellyn as I write this message. Just a few weeks ago, as I watched the inspiring Glow in the Park Lantern Walk around Lake Ellyn, I felt profoundly blessed to be living in a community that comes together to celebrate and give to a worthy cause, Charlie’s Corner Foundation. As the individuals and families slowly encircled nearly the entire path, the lantern lights reflected in the water. It was a magical sight! You will find photos here.

Some people feel down when they think of winter weather. Having grown up in the North Country, I look forward to winter sports and know that colder weather and the Glen Ellyn Park District provide recreation opportunities that many residents wait for all year. You can take part in ice skating and sledding. The Winter Olympics are back and to celebrate the Park District will be offering curling classes on February 17 at Newton Park. We hope many of you will come to learn a new sport!

Phase III of the Lake Ellyn Park Master Plan was completed last spring. New and improved items include: playground, benches, receptacles, tables, bike racks, grills, L.E.D. lighting, native plantings, sustainable plants for landscaping, fish cribs, and restocked fish. Two new additions are the fishing pier and the vegetative restorers. The floating island restorers contain plants that will improve the quality of the water and therefore the home of fish, birds and other animals. The roots of the plants, along with microbes on the islands, help absorb sediments and other pollutants that enter the lake as storm water that comes directly off our streets.

When I attend my children’s sports games I am reminded of the important and rewarding commitment volunteers make to the Glen Ellyn Park District. Volunteers really do make these community activities possible. The other volunteer members of the Board of Commissioners and I sincerely thank you for your dedication and generosity. The whole community is stronger because of your commitment to a healthy Glen Ellyn.

We hope to see you taking part in many activities, inside or out,



Julia Nephew, President, Glen Ellyn Park District Board of Commissioners