Preschool Education

About the Program

At our Preschool, children learn through an academic and play-based curriculum to facilitate learning concepts including writing, science, vocabulary, numbers, shapes, math, and other cognitive abilities. The academics incorporated into the program will ensure students are prepared to move to the next level and eventually be Kindergarten-ready.

Our program is a mixture of teacher-guided activities and playtime, with small and large group activities based around a weekly theme. Children engage in fine and large motor skill activities, art projects, music, books, dramatic play, cooking, writing and more. Children also have monthly visits from B#Sharp Music for Children and the Park District Naturalist.

Classes available: Not Quite 2+ Preschool, 2+ Preschool, 3-Year-Old Preschool, 4-Year-Old Preschool, and 4+ Preschool. In addition, the Park District offers Preschool Plus and Kindergarten Enrichment programs.

Please contact Jeannie Robinson, Assistant Superintendent of Recreation Services, at with any questions or concerns.